John 4: The woman at the well and healing of the nobleman’s son

1. (4:3-4) What country was in between Judea and Galilee at the time of Christ?

2. (4:5)  In what country was the city of Sychar?

3. (4:5-6)  What was near the town of Sychar?

4. Research Samaria and the Samaritians, using Bible Dictionaries/encyclopedias.
      Explain why the Jews and Samaritans didn’t get along.

5.  (4:7)  What did Jesus ask for in this verse?

6.  (4:13)  What will be true of the person who drinks ” living water ” ?

7.  (4:18)  How many husbands had this woman had?

8.  (4:19-20)  How did she try to “ change the subject? ”

9.  (4:28-29) How did she react and say when she realized who Jesus was?

10.  (4: 25 & 29) What title does she give to Jesus in both of these verses?

11.  (4:23)  How is the Father to be worshipped?

12.  (4:24)  How is the Father described in this verse?

13.  (4:34)  What was the “ meat ” Jesus spoke of in this verse?

14.  (4:29) Who said “ Come see a man who told me all I ever did? ”

15. Research and define the term “Messiah” .
      List six different Old Testament prophecies concerning Him.

16.  (4:44)  What does a prophet not have in his own country?

17.  (4:46)  In what region is the city of Cana located?

18.  (4:47)  How serious was the boy’s condition?

19.  (4:52)  Whose son is healed in this passage?

20.  (4:54)  According to this verse, how many miracles did Jesus perform
            in the first four chapters of John?

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