John 3: Nicodemus and John the Baptist

1. (3:4) What was Nicodemus’ position in the Jewish community?

2.  What time of day did he come to visit Jesus? Why that time of day?

3.  (3:2) What helped Nicodemus believe Jesus really was from God?

4. (3:2) What did Nicodemus say was necessary for a person to perform
        the kind of miracles that Jesus did?

5. (3:3)  What did Jesus tell him was essential for a person to see the kingdom of God?

6.  (3:8)  What is compared to wind in this verse?

7. Research the Holy Spirit. Use several sources and list facts about Him, His work,
      His characteristics, etc.

8.  By what symbolic action, according to 20:22, did Jesus predict the coming of the Holy Spirit?

9. Using Strong’s Concordance, give the number of times the term “ testify ”
        occurs in the Gospel of John.

10. Quote the verse in the First Epistle of John in which the word “testify” is used.

11.  (3:19)  What do most men seem to love?

12.  (3:19)  Why do they love it? 

13.  (3:17)  Jesus said He didn’t come into the world to do what?

14.  (3:18-19)  Who is condemned and why?

15.  (3:14)  What did Moses do in the wilderness that was a “type” or “symbol” of the Cross?

16. Research Numbers 21:4-9. Study this passage, using various commentaries.
          List the lessons which can be learned from this passage.

Maxim of the Moment

Faults are thick where love is thin.