John 21: Christ’s final instructions

1. List the disciples that were on the shore that day.

2.  (21:3)  How many fish had they caught during the night?

3.  (21:7)  Who was the first disciple to recognize it was really Jesus?

4.  (21:7)  What was Peter’s impulsive act in this verse?

5.  (21:11) How many fish did they catch due to Jesus command?

6.  (21:12) What three-word command does Jesus give to all of us?

7.  (21:13) What did their meal consist of?

8.  How many times did Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him?  (21:15-17)
    How many times did Peter deny the Lord?  (14:38)
    How many times was Peter’s vision repeated?  (Acts 10:16)
    How many tabernacles did Peter want to build on the Mount of Transfiguration? (Mk.9:5) 

      How might this be significant?

9.  (21:20) Who was “the disciple whom Jesus loved?”

10.  How does John describe himself in Revelation 1:1?

11.  How does John describe Jesus in Revelation 1:5?

12.  (21:22) What three-word command is given to us in this verse?

13. In two to three quality paragraphs, sum up the truth that impacted you the most
        from this Walkthru on the Gospel of John.



If you have “walked through” all 21 chapters in John,
    you have completed 370 questions.

We trust this study has been a blessing to you and
  we welcome your thoughts and comments.

                      – John & Doris


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