John 20: Jesus’ burial and post-resurrection appearances

1.  (20:1) Who was the first woman to visit Jesus’ tomb after it was sealed?

2.  (20:3)  Which two disciples ran to the empty tomb?

3.  (20:2-8)  Who was the very first of the 12 disciples to arrive at the empty tomb?

4.  (20:6)  Which disciple was the first to actually enter the empty tomb?

5.  (20:9)  What Old Testament verse is quoted here?

6.  (20:11-12)  Who did Mary see when she looked into the tomb?

7.  (20:13)  What did the angels ask Mary?

8.  (20:14)  When she turned around, who did she see? 

9.  (20:17)  After He arose, what did He tell Mary Magdalene not to do? 

10.  In verses 20:19, 21 &  26 what phrase is repeated?

11. (20:20)  What did Jesus tell His disciples to prove He had resurrected?

12. (20:22)  What did Jesus tell His disciples to receive?

13. (20:24)  What disciple is also called “Didymus”?

14. (20:24-29)  Who refused to believe Jesus had risen unless he saw Him?

15. (20:25)  What did he say he would have to see/do before he would believe?

16. (20:29)  Jesus told this disciple “Blessed are they__________________________.”

16. From the following verses, list the various scars on Jesus body that He bore for our sins:
      19:1, 19:2, 19:34, 19:18, Matthew 26: 67, & Mark 15:19

Maxim of the Moment

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