John 2: The wedding at Cana and cleansing of the temple

1.  (2:1)  In what town in Galilee was the wedding?

2.  (2:1-2)  According to these verse, who was invited?

3.  (2:9-11)  How do we know this was Jesus’ very first miracle?

4.  (2:3)  Who came to Jesus with a problem?

5.  (2:6-9)  How many water pots were filled?

6.  (2:12)  Research: List six hard facts about Capernaum, using Bible dictionaries,
            encyclopedias, etc.

7.  (2:13-15)  Who did Jesus chase or “ drive ” out in these verses…..and why?

8.  (2:15)  According to this verse, what did Jesus construct?

9.  Name another Gospel book that also contains the story of the clearing of the temple.

10. (2:13-15)  Which feast was in progress?

11. (Read Matthew 21:13) What was the Temple intended to be used for?

12. (2:16)  What crime did Jesus accuse them of?

13.  (2:18-21)  What “ temple ” was Jesus referring to here?

14. Research the history of the temple in Jerusalem, ( known as ” Herod’s Temple ” ).
        List facts about it, such as size, embelishments, why Herod built it…..and if the
          Jews were pleased with it.

15. (2:22)  According to this verse, what had to take place before the disciples
              remembered what Jesus had said in 2:19?

16. (2:23)  According to this verse, what helped people believe in Jesus? 
              Do you think this is helpful in the 21st century?  Why?

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