John 19: Jesus’ crucifixion

1.  (19:2) Other than the crown of thorns, what else was put upon Jesus?

2.  (19:1-3)  What did Pilate allow to be done to the Man he had just pronounced innocent?

3.  (19:6)  Who said he could find no fault in Jesus?

4.  What did Festus say about Paul in Acts 25:25?

5.  What did King Agrippa say about Paul in Acts 26:31?

6.  (19:7) The Jews wanted to crucify Jesus because He claimed to be whom?

7. Read 18:33 and 19:14 and 19. What might have Pilate suspected about Jesus?

8.  (19:8) What was one reason Pilate wanted to release Jesus?

9. (19:12) The Jews told Pilate that if he released Jesus, he was not the friend of whom?

10.  (19:17) Where was Jesus taken to?

11. (19:19) Who wrote a title and had it placed over Jesus’ head?

12. (19:20) In how many languages was it written?

13. (19:21) Who objected to this sign?

14. (19:23) Who took possession of Jesus clothes after the crucifixion?

15. (19:24) What did they do with Jesus’ tunic? 

16. Research the account of the crucifixion in all four Gospels.
      List the individuals present on Calvary.

17.  What Old Testament prophecy did the soldiers unknowingly fulfill
          by not breaking the legs of Jesus?

18.  (19:32) What did the soldiers do to the two other crucified men?

19.  Read 19:15 and Matthew 27:25.  What judgment did the Jews
            bring upon themselves?

20.  (19:34) What did the soldiers do to Jesus?

21.  (19:39)  Who helped to prepare the body of Jesus for burial?

Maxim of the Moment

You can’t go forward looking backwards. - Tommy Barnett