John 18: Jesus’ arrest and trials

1.  (18:1)  What brook did Jesus cross over to get to the garden?

2.  (18:2)  Who also knew about this garden where Jesus often went?

3.  (18:3-5)  Who was with the soldiers and officials that the
                priests and Pharisees sent?
4.  (18:6)  What happened to the soldiers in this verse?

5.  (18:11) What was Jesus willing to do?

6.  (18:13)  Who was the first person Jesus was taken to after He was arrested?

7.  (18:14)  What High Priest thought it was expedient that
              one man should die for the people?

8.  (18:22) What was done to Jesus in this verse?

9.  (18:27)  What happened when Peter denied the Lord for the third time?

10. Research the person and character of Caiaphas
          Sum up his life in two to three paragraphs.

11.  What did Jesus ask the disciples in Matthew 20:22-23?

12.  (18:28)  Where was Jesus led after the meeting with Caiaphas?

13.  (18:30)  Of what was Jesus accused?

14.  (18:33)  What did Pilate ask Jesus in this verse?

15.  (18:35)  What was Pilate’s nationality?

16.  (18:36)  Where did Jesus say His kingdom was not located?

17.  (18:37)  Jesus came into the world to bear witness to what?

18.  (18:38)  What question did Pilate ask Jesus?

19.  (18:38)  What was Pilate’s assessment of the charges
                brought against Jesus?

20.  (18:39)  It was a custom to release a prisoner during what festival?

21.  (18:39-40)  Who did the people prefer over Christ?

Maxim of the Moment

Faults are thick where love is thin.