John 17: Jesus’ intercessory prayer

1. Who was Jesus talking to in Chapter 17? 

2.  (17:3)  What do we get for trusting Jesus?

3.  What can we learn from 17:4 and 19:30?

4.  According to I John 2:15, what are we not to love?

5.  According to I John 4:21, what will the love of God cause us to do?

6.  According to chapter 16:27, who loves you?

7.  (17:8)  What did Jesus receive from His Father?

8.  Research and define “ perdition ”  (17:12)

9.  What was stated 16:18 proves the disciples understood Jesus completely.
      True or False?

10. Research and define the term “ sanctify ” (sanctification).

11. (17:14) Jesus gave the world His Father’s Word, but what
          is the world’s attitude toward Him?

12. (17:14)  What did Jesus give to His disciples?

13. (17:15)  What did Jesus ask the Father to protect us from?

14. (7:17)  We can only be sanctified through what?

15. (7:17)  God’s Word is __________________________.

16. Count the number of times Jesus uses the word ONE in this chapter.
      Why is this this use of the term significant?

17. (17:24) How long has the Father loved Jesus?

Maxim of the Moment

A bad husband cannot be a good man.