John 16: The promise of the Spirit

1.  (16:2)  What will believers be removed from and why?

2.  (16:2)  What might someone do to you, believing they were doing God a favor?

3.  (16:3)  What is the real reason behind the persecution of believers?

4.  (16:6)  What affect did Jesus’ words have upon the disciples?

5.  (16:7)  What person did Jesus say would come after Jesus went away?

6.  (16:8)  Define the word “reprove.”

7.  (16:13)  Into what will the Holy Spirit guide us?

8.  (16:13)  What will the Holy Spirit show us?

9.  (16:14)  Who shall the Holy Spirit glorify?

10. (16:18)  How well did the disciples understand what Jesus was saying?

11. (16 &  22)  What can no man take from you?

12. (16:24)  What does Jesus say in this verse about our joy?

13. (16:27)  Why does the Father love you?

14. (16:28)  Who did Jesus say He was going to go and see?

15. (16:30)  What were the disciples now sure that Jesus knew?

16. (16:32)  Who did Jesus say was always with Him?

17. (16:33)  What did Jesus say He had already overcome?

Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.