John 15: Christ’s True Vine message

1.  True or false?  In Chapter 15, Jesus is considered the branch and we are the vine.

2.  According to 15:26 and 16:28, what was scheduled to happen after
        Jesus ascended into heaven?

3.  (15:1)  Who is the Father compared to in this verse?

4   (15:3)  What makes believers “clean?”

5.  (15:15)  What does Jesus call believers in this verse?

6.  (15:17)  What is Jesus’ command to us in this verse?

7.  (15:19)  What is the attitude of the world toward believers?

8.  (15:20)  A servant is not greater than whom?

9.  (15:2)  What happens after a branch is pruned?

10.  (15:6)  What happens if we don’t continue to abide in Jesus?

11.  (15:8)  Who is glorified when we bear fruit?

12.  (15:9)  What must we continue?

13.  (15:10)  What will we abide in as we keep Jesus’ commandments?

14.  (15:11)  What does Jesus desire for us?

15.  (15:13)  What is the greatest proof of love?

16.  (15:14)  We are Jesus’ friends if we do what?

17.  (15:16)  What does Jesus’ desire for us?

18.  (15:21)  Why do people persecute believers?

19.  (15:26)  Who will testify about Jesus?

20.  (15:27)  Who else will bear witness or testify about Jesus? 

Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.