John 14: Christ converses with Thomas, Philip and Judas

1. Research The Holy Spirit
          List 12 characteristics of the Spirit of God.

2.  (14:3)  What did Jesus promise to do in this verse?

3.  (14:5)  Who said “How can we know the way”?

4.  (14:6)  What is the only way a person can come to the Father?

5.  (14:8)  Which disciple asked Jesus – “ show us the Father ” ?

6.  (14:15)  If we love Jesus, what will we do?

7.  (14:16)  What did Jesus promise to us in this verse?

8.  (14:17)  What is the Spirit called in this verse?

9.  (14:17)  What did Jesus say the world “cannot receive”?

10. (14:22)  Which disciple speaks in this verse?

11. (14:26)  Who did Jesus refer to as “the Comforter”?

12. (14:26)  According to this verse, what can the Holy Spirit do for us?

13. (14:27)  What did Jesus leave with us?

14.  What phrase is repeated in verse 1 and in verse 27?

15. (14:28)  Who did Jesus say was greater than He was?

Maxim of the Moment

Divorces are often caused by two people madly in love with themselves.