John 13: The Last Supper and dialogue with Peter

1. Research the concept of foot washing  (13:4-11)
      What is the significance of this act?

2.  (13:10-11) Who did Jesus refer to as “unclean” in these verses?

3. (13:8)  Who didn’t want his feet washed?

4. Research the disciple named Judas and sum up his character.
    List all instances where Judas is saying or doing something.
      (Note: There are two disciples named “ Judas ” – take care not to confuse the two)
5. (13:18)  List the scripture in Psalms that is fulfilled at the Last Supper.

6. (13:23)  Which of the twelve disciples is referred to in this verse?

7.  (13:25)  Concerning the betrayal, which disciple asked
              “Who is it?”

8.  (13:27)  What entered into Judas when Jesus gave him the bread?

9.  (13:34)  What is the “new commandment” given in this verse?

10.  (13:37)  What did Peter claim he would do? 

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.