John 12: Jesus at Bethany and His triumphal entry

1.  (12:3) Who anointed Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair?

2.  (12:3) How much ointment did she use?

3.  (12:2) How was this woman related to Lazarus?

4.  (12:5)  Who objected to what this woman did and why?

5.  (12:9)  Who else, other than this woman, came to see Jesus?

6.  (12:9-10)  What was the desire of the chief priests concerning Lazarus?

7.  (12:13)  What were the people carrying when Jesus rode into town?

8. Research the term HOSANNA  and define the term.
      Also list several places this term is found in the Bible.

9. There are 3 instances in the New Testament when the Father speaks from heaven:
    A.. On the Mount of Transfiguration
    B.  During Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River
    C.  Here in John 12

  Quote the Father’s exact words on each occasion. 

10. What do all three of these instances have in common?

11. (12:19)  Who did the Pharisees say had followed Jesus?

12. (12:26)  If you honor Jesus, who will honor you?

13 (12:28)  What did Jesus do concerning the Father’s name?

14. (12:31)  Who is called the “ prince of this world ” ?

15. (12:35-46) What is symbolized by light and darkness?

16. (12:15)  Which prophet does Jesus quote in this verse?

17. (12:38)  In this verse, Jesus spoke of a fulfilled prophecy given by which prophet?

18. (12:43)  What were people so afraid of that they wouldn’t confess faith in Jesus?

19. (12:47)  Jesus didn’t come to judge the world but to do what?

20.  In 12:15, Jesus rode into town on a donkey:
        describe the animal he rides in Revelation 19:11. 

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