John 10: Jesus the Good Shepherd and message to His enemies

1. Research the words “Sheep” and “Shepherds” and “Lamb”
        using Strong’s Concordance.
              List each reference where Jesus is referred to as the
                  Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd, etc.
2.  (10:4)  What do the sheep know that makes them follow the shepherd?

3.  (10:9)  If we enter Jesus’ fold, what shall we be?

4.  (10:11)  What did Jesus say the Good Shepherd would do for His sheep?

5. (10:7-8)  Research what Jesus means by saying He’s the “Door?”
              Sum it up.

6. (10:1-5)  Research this passage. Sum up the significance of these verses.

7. (10:20)  What did the Jews say Jesus possessed?

8. (10:30) What amazing claim did Jesus make in this verse?

9. (10:33)  For what crime did the Jews seek to stone Jesus? 

10. (10:38)  Jesus said ” If you do not believe me…..then believe ” what?

11. Using encyclopedias, research sheep  and list ten facts about
      them….especially habits and characteristics of sheep that can be
          compared with those of Christians.

Maxim of the Moment

Faults are thick where love is thin.