Jeremiah 52: Jerusalem is Besieged & the Jews Taken Captive

1. How old was Zedekiah when he began to reign?  (52:1)

2. According to 52:2, what did Zedekiah do?

3. In 52:3, who rebelled against the king of Babylon?

4. Name the king who besieged Jerusalem?  (52:4)

5. In 52:8, who fled, but was overtaken?

6. What did the king of Babylon do in front of Zedekiah?  (52:10)

7. After this, what was done to Zedekiah?  (52:11)

8. According to 52:11, where was Zedekiah when he died?

9. Name the captain of the guard who burned the temple.  (52:12-13)

10. What is broken down in 52:14?

11. According to 52:17, items made of what metal were taken to Babylon?

12. Items made from what two precious metals were also taken?  (52:19)

13. According to 52:30, what was the total number of captives taken to Babylon?

14. Who is finally delivered from prison in 52:31?

15. In a paragraph or two, sum up the things that impressed you the most about the book of Jeremiah.

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