Jeremiah 50: Babylon’s Judgment & Israel’s Redemption

1. According to Jeremiah 50:1, who will be judged?

2. What false god is mentioned in 50:2?

3. According to 50:4, who will seek God?

4. According to 50:5, what will not be forgotten?

5. According to 50:6, who caused the people to go astray?

6. The proud Babylonians and Chaldeans are described as:  (50:9-11)
A. cattle    
B. sheep    
C. wolves

7. According to 50:13, those who pass by Babylon will be what?

8. What does God say not to spare against Babylon?  (50:14)

9. According to 50:17, with what animal is Israel compared?

10. The Babylonians are allegorized as what animal?  (50:17)

11. According to 50:25, God has opened His armory and brought forth what?

12. According to 50:35-37, what will be taken away from the Babylonians?

13. According to 50:42, the nation that will destroy Babylon will show no______________.

Maxim of the Moment

Raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed. - Mia Hamm