Jeremiah 49: The Judgment of the Ammonites & Other Nations

1. According to Jeremiah 49:1, what nation is ripe for judgment?

2. According to 49:2, what will happen to the daughters of the Ammonites?

3. In 49:3, what one-word command is given to Heshbon?

4. In 49:4, Heshbon is called a backsliding__________________.

5. What are the inhabitants of Dedan commanded to do?  (49:8)
A. sleep      
B. fight    
C. flee

6. The name of Esau is mentioned in 49:8-10. According to Genesis 25:30, what new name is given to Esau?

7. According to 49:19, to what animal is judgment compared?

8. According to 49:22, with what bird is judgment compared?

9. In 49:24, what city is under God’s judgment?

10. When Saul was converted, he was on the road to what city?  (Acts 9:3)

11. Who shall smite Kedar and Hazor?  (49:28)

12. What nation is under judgment in 49:34?

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