Jeremiah 48: The Judgment & Restoration of Moab Foretold

1. According to Jeremiah 48:2, the men of Moab are called what?

2. What one-word command is given in 48:6?

3. According to 48:7, who shall go into captivity with her priests and princes?

4. According to 48:10, who will be cursed?

5. According to 48:13, who will be ashamed?

6. In 48:15, what two names are given to God?

7. How is Moab described?  (48:20)

8. According to 48:28, Moab is compared with what bird?

9. In 48:29, which of the following sins is prominent in Moab?
A. adultery      
B. idolatry        
C. pride

10. God has broken Moab like a ______________. (48:38)

11. According to 48:42, why will Moab be destroyed?

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