Jeremiah 46: Overthrow of Pharaoh & Conquest of Egypt Foretold

1. What two pieces of armament are mentioned in 46:3?

2. What further armament is mentioned in 45:4?

3. Research and define the term “brigandines” (KJV)  (45:4)

4. What nation will come in like a flood?  (45:7-8)

5. According to 45:10, the day of the Lord will also be what?

6. What will the people use in a vain effort to cure themselves?  (45:11)

7. What command is given in 46:14?
A. stand down        
B. stand up          
C. stand fast

8. Who is “swept away”’, according to 46:15?

9. According to 46:17, Pharaoh is referred to as only:
A. an ant          
B. a fox          
C. a noise

10. To what animal is Egypt compared in 46:20?

11. According to 47:22-23, the army is compared to invasion of what type of insect?

12. According to 46:25, who is targeted for judgment?
A. Zedekiah        
B. Baruch        
C. Pharaoh


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