Jeremiah 44: The Destruction of Egypt Foretold

1. What city was decimated?  (44:2)

2. According to 44:4, what is God’s attitude toward abominable sins?
A. hate        
B. indifference        
C. neither A or B

3. Name the sin mentioned in 44:5 & 8.

4. What is the key word in 44:9?

5. According to 44:10, the people have not been_______________.

6. Some Jews still hoped to flee into what country?  (44:12)

7. If they insist on going there, in what three ways will they be punished?  (44:13)

8. Where are they urged to return to?  (44:14)

9. How is Judah described in 44:22?

10. Who does God swear by and why?  (Jer. 44:26 and Heb. 6:13)

11. According to 44:30, who will be given over into the hands of his enemies?


Maxim of the Moment

Love’s wounds can only be healed by the one who caused them.