Jeremiah 43: Johanan Rebels & Takes Jeremiah Captive to Egypt

1. Name the men who accused Jeremiah of lying?  (43:2)

2. To what country did Johanan take the remnant of the people?  (43:4-7)

3. The great stones were to be taken to a palace near whose palace?  (43:9)

4. What country was ripe for judgment?  (43:11)

5. What question is asked in Isaiah 36:18?

6. According to Acts 7:40-41, what did the people want Aaron to do?

7. What is said about false gods in Judges 2:3?

8. According to I Kings 11:4, whose heart was turned to serve false gods?

9. According to Ruth 1:14-15, who returned to serve her gods?

10. Research and write a paragraph on the false god named in Jer.43:13.

11. What will be the fate of the heathen temples of Egypt?  (43:12-13)

Maxim of the Moment

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