Jeremiah 39: Jeremiah is Burned and the Jews Made Captives

1. According to Jeremiah 39:1, what happened to Jerusalem?

2. What did Zedekiah do?  (39:4)

3. To whom was Zedekiah taken?    (39:5)

4. Who was killed in front of Zedekiah?  (39:6)

5. What happened to Zedekiah?  (39:7)

6. According to 39:11-12, how did Nebuchadrezzar treat Jeremiah?
A. tortured him      
B. with kindness    
C. rudely

7. From what place was Jeremiah taken?  (39:14)

8. According to 39:18-19, God assured Jeremiah that he would suffer a horrible death.
True or False?

Maxim of the Moment

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