Jeremiah 38: Jeremiah Accused & Thrown in the Dungeon

1. Who did God say would conquer Jerusalem?  (38:3)

2. What was King Zedekiah asked to do to Jeremiah?  (38:4)

3. Where was Jeremiah placed?  (38:6)

4. Describe his environment.  (38:6)

5. According to 38:7-9, Ebed-melech was afraid Jeremiah would:
A. escape        
B. prophecy        
C. starve

6. How many men were sent to rescue Jeremiah from the pit?    (38:10)

7. According to 38:13, was Jeremiah freed from prison?

8. According to 38:15-16, Jeremiah was concerned that if he prophesied, the king would: 
A. become angry      
B. kill him      
C. banish him

9. According to 38:17-18, Jeremiah urged the king to submit to the king of Babylon.
True or False?

10. What did Jeremiah promise the king if he would obey God?  (38:20)

11. Where was Jeremiah the day when Jerusalem was besieged?  (38:28)


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