Jeremiah 37: Prophecies of the Chaldean’s Return & Victory

1. Did King Zedekiah honor God’s words?  (37:2)

2. According to Jeremiah 37:3, what did King Zedekiah want Jeremiah to do for him? 

3. What had not yet happened to Jeremiah (37:4)

4. Jeremiah 37:9 is a warning against:
A. adultery          
B. self-deception        
C. riches

5. What does Paul warn us about in Galatians 6:7?

6. According to Revelation 20:10, who deceived the people?

7. Irijah accused Jeremiah of:  (37:13)
A. desertion and treason  
B. theft  
C. murder

8. What did these men do to Jeremiah?    (37:15)

9. What question did King Zedekiah ask Jeremiah?  (37:17)

10. What question did Jeremiah ask Zedekiah?    (37:18)

11. What other question did Jeremiah have for Zedekiah?  (37:19)

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