Jeremiah 36: Jehoiakim Burns the Prophetic Scrolls

1. The book of Jeremiah centers on:
A. historical events  
B. repentance and forgiveness  
C. temple construction

2. What was the name of Jeremiah’s scribe?

3. According to 36:9, what was the Lord urging the people to do?
A. flee    
B. work      
C. fast

4. What was the reaction of the people after they had heard Baruch’s words?    (36:15-16)
A. fear        
B. indifference      
C. happiness

5. Who was instructed to hide with Jeremiah?  (36:19)

6. Who read the book to the king?  (36:21) 

7. What did Jehudi cut up and burn?  (36:23)

8. What was the king’s response to the pleadings of these men?  (36:24-25)

9. According to 36:28, what was Baruch instructed to do?

10. What will be the king’s punishment for destroying the roll?  (36:30-31)

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