Jeremiah 34: Jeremiah Predicts the Destruction of Jerusalem

1. Who did the Lord command Jeremiah to go and speak to?  (34:1)

2. Who will be taken captive?  (34:3)

3. According to 34:4-5, God promised the king of Judah that he would not die by:   
A. the sword      
B. starvation    
C. in prison

4. According to 34:9, who did God command to be set free?
A. prisoners        
B. lepers        
C. servants

5.  At first, the people obeyed this command, but later they did what?  (34:11)
A. killed them  
B. brought them back as servants  
C. banished them

6. According to Jewish law, what must happen at the end of 7 years? (Ex. 21:2 & Deut. 15:12)

7. According to Jeremiah 34:14, what Jewish law is repeated?

8. According to 34:18, what had the people not performed?

9. According to 34:19, Judah and Jerusalem will find new friends.  True or False?

10. Who will Zedekiah and his princes be given to?  (34:21)

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