Jeremiah 33: Messiah is Prefigured as The Righteous Branch

1. According to 33:1, where was Jeremiah when the Word of the Lord came to him?
A. in prison          
B. at home          
C. in a vineyard

2. Jeremiah 33:3 is known as “God’s Telephone Number.”  Paraphrase this verse.

3. According to 33:8, what will God cleanse His people from?

4. According to 33:9, at what will people fear and tremble?
A.  God’s grace        
B. God’s goodness      
C. God’s judgment

5. What phrase, found in 33:11, is included in every verse of Psalm 136?

6. What name is given to the Messiah in 33:15?

7. What title is given to God in 33:16?

8. According to Hebrews 11:8-12, to what are Abraham’s descendants compared?

9.  According to Jeremiah 33:22, to what are David’s descendants compared?

10. God will have______________upon the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (33:26)

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