Jeremiah 32: The Prophet is Imprisoned by Zedekiah

1. What did the king of Babylon do to Jeremiah?  (32:2)?

2. Who would surely be delivered to the king of Babylon? (32:4)

3. What was Jeremiah commanded to buy?  (32:8)

4. What did Jeremiah receive in the presence of witnesses?  (32:10-12)
A.  clothing         B. a bill of sale         C. money

5. According to 32:14, what was Jeremiah commanded to do with this?

6. What did the people do that God commanded them to do?  (32:23)

7. What question does God ask in 32:27?

8. Instead of turning their faces to the Lord, what did the people do?  (32:33)

9. What word is used to describe idols in II Chronicles 15:8?

10. What was brought into the temple, according to Jeremiah 32:34?

11. Research and write a paragraph concerning each of the false gods mentioned in 32:35.

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