Jeremiah 31: Israel’s Restoration is Predicted and Publicized

1. According to Jeremiah 31:2, what did the nation of Israel find in the wilderness?

2. In 31:4, Israel is promised future:
A. punishment        
B. destruction          
C. happiness

3. By what term does God refer to Himself in 31:9?

4. According to Galatians 4:6, how does the Holy Spirit prompt us to address God?

5. What term, found in Jeremiah 31:10, does Jesus also use to refer to Himself? (John 10:11)

6. God will turn their mourning into what?  (31:13)

7. In Matthew 2:16-18, Jesus quotes from Jeremiah 31:15 concerning what?

8. This was a prophecy concerning Herod’s killing children in an attempt to kill whom?

9. What term does God use to describe the sinful nation in Jeremiah 31:22?

10. What passage, found in Jeremiah chapter 31, is quoted in Hebrews 8:8-12 & 10:16-17?

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