Jeremiah 29: Jeremiah’s Letter to the Captives in Babylon

1.  According to Jeremiah 29:2, list some of the captives that were taken away to Babylon.

2. According to 29: 5-6, the people were commanded to do what?

3. The reason they were to do this is given in the last part of v. 6. What is the reason?

4. In one word, what are the people encouraged to pray for?  (29:7)

5. According to 29:11, what does God think about us?

6. What does God promise to do in 29:12?

7. What will we find if we are diligent?  (29:13)

8. What is referred to in 29:17 that was mentioned in Jer. 24:8?

9. According to the last part of v. 18, what will the people become?

10. According to 29:21, who will Nebuchadrezzar kill?

11. According to v. 22, how will they die?

12. According to 29:32, what did Shemaiah teach the people?


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