Jeremiah 27: Prophecies of the Subjugation of Neighboring Kings

1. According to Jeremiah 27:1-2, what was Jeremiah commanded to make?

2. Where was he told to place them?  (27:2)

3. Research and write a short essay concerning Tyre and Sidon. (27:3)
Why are these two cities often mentioned together?
According to Luke 10:13-14, what did Jesus say about these cities?

4. According to Jeremiah 27:5, what has God created?

5. Into whose hands were the lands delivered?  (27:6)

6. According to 27:8 and 12, what does this yoke represent?

7. Along with the false prophets, list others who were to be disregarded.  (27:9)

8. According to Jeremiah 27:14-16, what do the false prophets prophecy?

9. What things, mentioned in 27:18, are also referred to in II Kings 24:13?

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