Jeremiah 26: Jeremiah’s Arrest, Trial, Arraignment & Acquittal

1. According to 26:1-2, what did God say must not diminish?

2. According to 26:3, if the people repent, God will not punish them.  True or False?

3. Research the term “Shiloh.”  What happened there?  (26:6 & 9)

4.  What did the false prophets, priests and princes say about Jeremiah?  (26:11)

5. What two commands are given in 26:13?

6. Punishment will come to these men if they do what?  (26:15)

7. What will be plowed like a field?  (26:18)

8. What do Jeremiah 26:18 and Micah 3:12 have in common?

9. According to 26:19, did Hezekiah put Micah the prophet to death? (26:19)

10. To what country did Urijah the prophet flee to?  (26:21-22)

11. What finally happened to Urijah?  (26:23)

12. Who was responsible for his death?  (26:23?

13. Name the man who helped prevent Jeremiah’s death.  (26:24)

Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.