Jeremiah 25: The Seventy-year Captivity Predicted

1. What does God promise to those who turn away from their false gods?  (25:5-6) 

2. What is said in Revelation 18:23 that is similar to Jeremiah 25:10?

3. Because of their sins, how long will the captivity in Babylon last?  (25:11)

4. According to Jeremiah 29:10, what will happen after this amount of time?

5. According to 25:13, what did Jeremiah write in a book?

6. List the many nations destined for judgment in 25:19-26

7. According to 25:31, what does the Lord have with these nations?

8. What will arise from the coasts of the earth?  (25:32)

9. According to 25:34, what are the false shepherds instructed to do?

10 What will the Lord do to their pasture?  (25:36)?


Maxim of the Moment

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