Jeremiah 23: Prophecies of the Restoration of the Scattered Flock

1. What do evil pastors do…and neglect to do?  (23:1-2)

2. By what names is the Messiah referred to in 23:5?

3.  What is another title for the Messiah?    (23:6)

4. Research and write a paragraph describing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  (Jeremiah 23:14 & Genesis 18-19)

5. What will false prophets be forced to eat and drink?  (23:15)

6. According to 23:19, what will come upon the people suddenly?

7. What do these false prophets “prophecy?”    (23:25)

8. With what two things is the Word of the Lord compared?    (23:29)

9. False prophets pervert the words of whom?  (23:36)

10. Fill in the blanks. Upon the false prophets, God will bring “everlasting ________________” and “perpetual_________________”  (23:40)

Maxim of the Moment

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