Jeremiah 22: Jeremiah Exhorts the People to Repentance

1.  According to 22:3, what persons are to be respected?

2. According to 22:5, who does the Lord swear by?

3. What will be cast into the fire?  (22:7)

4. In 22:8, when the question is asked, “Why has the Lord done this to this great city.”  What is the answer?  (22:9) 

5. In 22:13, people are warned to:
A. pay their tithes        
B. pay their vows      
C. pay their workers

6. According to 22:18, what two people are named?

7. Research both of these men, summarizing their lives and their involvement in the kingdom of Judah.

8. What type of burial will Jehoiakim ultimately receive?  (22:19)

9. In what country will Jehoiakim finally die?  (22:25-26)


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