Jeremiah 21: Zedekiah Inquires About the Coming Siege

1. What were Zedekiah and Pashur trying to get Jeremiah to tell them? (consult commentaries on Jeremiah for further clarification)  (21:1-2)

2. Who promised to also fight against Judah?  (21:5)

3. What were the two choices the Lord set before them?  (21:8)

4. What city is in view in 21:10?

5. RESEARCH the background of this city referred to in 21:10 and answer the following.
a. When was this city first established?

b. When did this city become the capital city of Judah?

c. Why is this city of such strategic military importance?

6. RESEARCH the people known as “Chaldeans”.  (21:4 & 9)
a. What are the origins of these people?

b. How are they involved in the coming invasion of Judah?


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