Jeremiah 20: Jeremiah Complains of Contempt and Treachery

1. Name the chief governor of the house of the Lord.    (20:1)

2. What did this man do to Jeremiah?  (20:2)

3. What was the new name Jeremiah gave to this man?  (20:3)

4. Research and discover what this name means.    (20:3)

5. Who did Jeremiah prophecy would die in Babylon?    (20:6)

6. Who claimed to be mocked every day?    (20:7-8)

7. What did Jeremiah say was “like a fire in his bones”?  (20:9)

8. What will happen to the persecutors?  (20:11)
A. they will stumble      
B. they will the ashamed      
C. both A & B

9. What did Jeremiah curse?  (20:14)

10. Jeremiah felt he was born to witness much: (20:18)
A. joy    
B. victory    
C. sorrow

Maxim of the Moment

Where there is much love there are few regrets.