Jeremiah 18: The Illustration of the Potter

1. According to Jeremiah 17:1, where are the sins of the people engraved?

2. According to II Corinthians 3:3, where does God want His Word to be engraved?

3. Because of their disobedience, what will God discontinue?  (17:4)

4. According to 17:5, what is promised to those who trust in other human beings?

5. Read Jeremiah 17:7. Write out the similar phrase found in Psalm 2:12.

6. What phrase in Jeremiah 17:8 is also found in Psalm 1:3?

7.  What is deceitfully wicked above all things?  (17:9)

8. The rich man who “sits” on his money is like a bird that does what?  (17:11)

9. According to 17:18, who did Jeremiah want to be confounded and dismayed?

10. Jeremiah 17:21-24 deals primarily with the breaking of which of the Ten Commandments?     
    (Exodus 20)

11. According to 17:26, what type of sacrifices should we bring to church?

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