Jeremiah 16: The Ruin and Return of the Jews Foretold

1. What was Jeremiah forbidden to do?    (16:1-2)

2. God did this because:
A. He was too young    
B. He was too impersonal    
C. many people would die untimely deaths

3. According to Jeremiah 16:4, who will feed on these bodies?

4. According Revelation 19:21, who will eat the corpses of the wicked?

5. The people will not be allowed to drink of the cup of:    (16:7)
A.  wine          
B. broth          
C. consolation

6. Jeremiah 16:9 indicates the cessation of:
A. new lands      
B. gladness        
C. war

7. Because of these horrific judgments, people will not have weddings. True or False?  (16:9)

8. When people shall ask, “What is our sin”? What will be the response? Paraphrase your answer.  (16:10-12)

9. According to 16:17, what is not hidden from God?

10. How will God recompense their iniquity and sins?  (16:18)
A. double          
B. triple        
C. quadruple

11. According to 16:19, what have the people inherited?


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