Jeremiah 15: Jeremiah Intercedes for the Jews

1. Even the combined pleadings of what two famous persons would not change God’s mind concerning impending judgment?  (15:1)

2. What happened when Moses interceded for the people in Numbers 11:2?

3. What was the result when Samuel interceded for the people? (I Sam. 7:9-10)

4. What are the four forms of destruction the Lord will use to punish the people (15:3)

5. Describe the roles of each of these four forms of destruction. (15:3)

6. Who was the son of Hezekiah (15:4). How old was he when he became king? (II Kings 21:1)

7. For how many years did he rule Judah and was his reign good or evil?  (II Kings 21:1-2)   

8. What is said about the ears of those who hear about God’s judgment upon Judah? 
    (II Kings 21:12)

9. Who finally submitted to God after he was taken captive?  (II Chron. 33:9-13)

10. After he repented, what did Manasseh command the people of Judah to do? (II Chron. 33:15-16)
A. leave the country    
B. go into exile    
C. serve the Lord

11. Because of the devastation that is to come, there will be many:  (Jer.15:8)
A. homeless        
B. widows        
C. battles

12. What did Jeremiah say he did with the words of God? (15:16)

13. What did the apostle John do with God’s book?  (Rev. 10:10)

14. The anguish of the people is compared to:    (15:18)
A. an empty vessel        
B. a grieving woman    
C. an unhealed, incurable wound

Maxim of the Moment

Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.