Jeremiah 14:  The Grievous Famine & the Lying Prophets

1. According to 14:3-4, what did the people lack?

2. Read Isaiah 5:6. Withholding rain is a sign of God’s favor or disfavor?

3. According to 14:5-6, what did the animals need?

4. Jeremiah 14:10 reveals that the people loved to:
A. gossip        
B. gamble        
C. wander

5. Jeremiah 14:12 shows God will not accept their:
A. sacrifices        
B. fastings      
C. both A & B

6. According to 14:13-15, which of the following themes is repeated?
A. honor and loyalty    
B. sword and famine    
C. horse and chariot

7. According to verse 16, the dead will remain:
A. unburied        
B. in their graves        
C. indifferent

8. Jeremiah 14:17 concerns:
A. laughter        
B.  grief        
C. neither A or B

9. Instead of a time of healing, what did the people experience?  (14:19)

10. According to 14:20, what did the people finally acknowledge?
A. their abundant crops  
B. their sins  
C. their illegitimate children


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