Jeremiah 13: Visual Aids of the Linen Girdle & the Wine Bottles

1. What piece of clothing did God command Jeremiah to use as an object lesson?  (13:1-9)

2. Near what river was Jeremiah told to hide it?  (13:4)

3.  What happened to this object?  (13:7 & 10)

4. What did this object symbolize to the people of Judah?  (13:9)

5. How does God describe the people of Judah?  (13:10)

6. From verse 14, describe what happens to this disobedient nation.

7. According to verse 16, spiritual darkness will cause people to:
A. be confused        
B. stumble        
C. neither A or B

8. What are God’s people called in verse 17?

9. What two questions are asked in verse 23?

10. According to verse 25, forgetting God leads people to trust in what?
A. falsehood      
B. others      
C. leaders

11. The sins listed in 13:27 deal with:
A. theft    
B. murder  
C. sex

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.