Jeremiah 12: Jeremiah Complains of the Prosperity of the Wicked

1. Jeremiah asks why the wicked are allowed to do what?  (12:1)

2. Jeremiah asks why those that deal treacherously are allowed to be:  (12:1)
A. confused      
B. happy        
C. depressed

3. What similar question does Job ask in Job 21:7?

4. Jeremiah knows that the Lord knows him and has done what?  (12:3)
A. tried his heart      
B. defeated him      
C. punished him

5. Who has destroyed the vineyard?  (12:10)

6. The key word in 12:11 is:
A.  idols          
B. temples          
C. desolate

7. According to 12:12, what shall devour the land?

8. Although they have sown wheat, what shall the wicked reap?  (12:13)

9. Jeremiah 12:15 indicates God is:
A. compassionate    
B. far away    
C. impersonal

10. What will happen to the nation that does not obey God?  (12:17)

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