Jeremiah 10: The Disparity Between Jehovah and Idols

1. According to 10:2, what must we not learn?

2. Jeremiah 10:3-5 describes the making of:
A. a boat        
B. a temple        
C. an idol

3. Who can do neither evil nor good?  (10:5)

4. What name is given to God in 10:7?

5. How is God described in 10:10?  Paraphrase your answer.

6. According to 10:11, who did not make heaven and earth?

7. According to 10:12, how was the earth made?

8. According to 10:14, what has no breath?

9. According to 10:20, what was spoiled or ruined?

10. What have the pastors become?  (10:21)

11. What will the cities of Judah become?  (10:22)

12. Upon whom does Jeremiah ask God to pour our His fury?  (10:25)


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