Jeremiah 09: Jeremiah Bewails the People’s Sins & Coming Destruction

1. To what is a lying tongue compared?  (9:3 & 8)
A. a bow and arrow        
B. a horse and rider      
C. a husband and wife

2. Write out James 3:6, paraphrasing it in your own words.

3. In 9:5-6, what theme is repeated?
A. storm clouds        
B. lies and deceit        
C. earthquakes

4. In 9:10, the mountains and wilderness are depicted as:
A.  mighty        
B. snow-covered        
C. weeping

5. Jerusalem will become a den of what?  (9:11)

6. What false God is mentioned in 9:14?

7. In 9:15, the bitter judgment that will come upon the nation is likened to:
A. poisoned food        
B. wormwood & gall          
C. spoiled meat

8. According to 9:18-19, what will be heard coming from Zion?
A. wailing        
B. preaching        
C. laughter

9. What three types of men are mentioned in 9:23?

10. In what three things does God delight?  (9:24)


Maxim of the Moment

Where there is much love there are few regrets.