Jeremiah 08: The Calamities of the Jews and their Shameless Impenitency

1. The bones of princes, priests and prophets will be spread out and used for what purpose?      (8:1-2)

2. What did the people refuse to do?  (8:5)

3. List the animals that seem to have better sense than humans.  (8:7)

4. What sin in Jeremiah 8:10 does Jesus also warn us about? (Luke 12:15)

5. What phrase in 8:11 is also mentioned in 6:14?

6. When the people sinned, they were not:  (8:12)
A. caught        
B. hindered      
C. ashamed

7. What two types of fruit will not ripen?  (8:13)

8. The people expected to receive peace and health….but what did they actually receive?    (8:15)

9. What will God send among the people?  (8:17)
A. scorpions    
B. snakes    
C. spiders

10. What provoked God to anger?  (8:19)

Maxim of the Moment

Where there is much love there are few regrets.