Jeremiah 07: Jeremiah Sent to Call Judah to Repentance

1. Where is Jeremiah commanded to stand and proclaim the word of the Lord?  (7:2 & 4)
A. The temple gate        
B. the valley of Hinnom          
C. Babylon

2. What are the people commanded to do in 7:5 and in 26:13?

3. List the people who must not be oppressed:  (7:6)

4. What sins are listed in 7:9?

5. What phrase from Jeremiah 7:11 does Jesus quote in Matt. 21:13? 

6. God is depicted in 7:13 & 25 and in 25:3 as doing what?

7. God warns unfaithful people not to do what…and why?  (7:15-16)
A. eat            
B. sleep            
C. pray

8. God forbids offerings and burning of incense to whom? (7:18 & 44:18-19)

9. List the things God’s anger will be poured out upon.  (7:20)

10. What command in 7:23 is repeated in 11:4?

11. In 7:26-27, what do the people continually refuse to do?
A. sacrifice        
B. listen        
C. make pilgrimages

12. According to 7:31-32, what will the high places of Tophet be renamed?

Maxim of the Moment

Marry for money and you’ll starve for love.