Jeremiah 06: Enemies Sent Against Judah as a Judgment

1. From what direction will the destructive nation come?  (6:1)

2. To whom is Zion compared in verse two? 

3. According to Deuteronomy 30:6, what type of “circumcision” does God truly desire?   

4. What does the prophet say needs to be circumcised?  (6:10 & 9:26)

5. According to Romans 2:29, what does Paul say needs to be circumcised?

6. In verse 13, the sin mentioned is:
A. covetousness        
B. adultery        
C. gossip

7. According to Jeremiah 6:16, what will be gained by “walking the old paths?”

8. In Matthew 11:29, what will be gained by taking Jesus’ yoke?

9. What did the people say, according to 6:17?

10. How did the people respond to God’s law?  (6:19)

11. According to verse 20, what has become unacceptable to God?

12. What will God place before the people?  (6:21)

13. How is mourning expressed in Jer. 6:26, Luke 10:13, and Esther 4:1?

14. The people who are rejected are compared to:  (v. 30)
A. rejected trees        
B. rejected lands        
C. rejected silver


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