Jeremiah 05: Judgments for Depravity, Adultery and Corruption

1. Jeremiah is commanded to run through the streets of Jerusalem and attempt to find a man who:  (5:1)
A. is fearful        
B. is a prophet      
C. executes justice and seeks the truth

2. The third verse in chapter five deals with:
A. rebellion      
B. compassion      
C. the Holy Spirit

3. List the four animals Jeremiah uses as illustrations in verses six and eight.

4. Verses seven and eight deal with:
A. theft        
B. murder        
C. adultery

5. According to verse eleven, which two nations dealt treacherously against the Lord?

6. From verses 15 and 16, describe the nation that will come against God’s people.


7. According to verse 17, what will this nation “eat up”?

8. What term is used to describe the nation of Judah in verse 21?

9. In which of the following verses is a phrase in Jer. 5:21 also found?
A. Isaiah 12:2      
B. Romans 11:8    
C. Luke 8:26

10. What words are used to describe “the heart” of Judah in verse 23?

11. What have the sins of this nation caused God to withhold from them?  (v. 25)

12. Those who set snares and traps for other men are called what?  (5:26)

13. According to verse 31, what do the people really love?
A. false prophecy        
B. luxury        
C. false gods


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