Jeremiah 04: God Exhorts Judah to Repentance

1. Who will Israel one day swear is alive?  (4:2)

2. Israel is told not to sow seed among what?  (4:3)
A. weeds      
B. thorns      
C. rocks

3. What type of animal is symbolized as “a destroyer?”  (4:7)

4. With what is the nation told to clothe itself?  (4:8)

5. According to 4:9, who will be “astonished and wonder”?
A. priests & prophets      
B. fathers and children    
C. Egyptians & Canaanites

6. What is said to be faster than eagles?  (4:13)

7. In 4:14, what city is commanded to wash its hands from wickedness?

8. In verse 19, which of God’s internal organs is pictured as being in pain?

9. In 4:22, who are called “foolish children?”

10. In verse 26, what word is used to describe God’s anger?

11. Although the nation tried to put on a pretty face, what will her lovers do?  (4:30)

12. One day, the plundered nation will cry like:    (4:31)
A. a spoiled child      
B. a wounded man    
C. a woman in pain


Maxim of the Moment

Love’s wounds can only be healed by the one who caused them.